No More Mom bods challenge

Burn 500 Calories 8/12/18

Each week I post a new 500 calorie burning  worout.

No Mom Bods Challenge continues this week with another 500 calorie burning boxing workout! Brought to you by Popsugar cardio boxing workout from Christa DiPaolo, creator of the THE CUT by Equinox, will torch 500 calories and leave you dripping with sweat. 

You are not in this alone! Challenge yourself and remember that we are doing these workouts together every day! We GOT THIS!!

Burn 500 Calories 8/06/18

Each Week I will post My favorite CALORIE BURNING workouts and this week it is with:

8/06/2018  PopSugar on YouTube  

NEEDED:    Water or Sports Drink, Yoga Mat and Towel


Each workout posted will be workouts that complete for 5 entire days beginning on Monday's. Workout with me and join the


Follow the hashtag for Instagram Story  post-workout videos which will probably be a ton of sweaty fun.