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Hose-bib-vacuum-breaker-winterize, how do i drain the hose bibb vacuum breakers on my exterior faucets for the winter. looks like a plastic cover with no - answered by a verified plumber. we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.. Protect your valve and faucet from freezing and rupturing in cold weather with this vacuum breaker kit for frost free valves. vacuum breaker kit for frost free valves-888-183 - the home depot store finder, the hose bib is leaking from the top the vacuum breaker is a simple device that basically consists of a diaphragm and a watertight chamber. when the water is on, water pressure forces the diaphragm....

Frost free hose bibs have to be allowed to freely drain later in the fall and in the winter. anything that you install on the faucet that prevents this from happening allows water to get trapped inside the bib and freeze. the ice may rupture your hose bib even if you have turned the water off from the inside of your house over the winter., there are some new frost proof sillcocks that are a homeowners best friend and a plumbers worst friend. the new style valve from woodford incorporates a self resetting pressure relief valve that protects the the body of the hose bibb from rupturing in freezing conditions..

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