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Air-conditioning-neck-pain, a draft on the neck can cause this kind of neck pain (i.e., driving with the car window open on a chilly day or sitting or sleeping near a fan or air conditioning vent). unfortunately, people on vacation may make the mistake of throwing the window open to get fresh air while they sleep.. Some argue that an air conditioner or fan doesn’t cause a sore neck, it only intensifies an existing problem., regarding the neck pain and the air conditioning, it is not necessarily the temperature alone, but also your proximity to the direction of air flow. sitting in a draught, even a light draught, for prolonged periods of time, (such as in an office all day) has been known to cause or increase neck pain..

Torticollis is basically a muscle spasm in one of the muscles in your neck. if you’ve slept all night with your window left open or even the air conditioning or a fan blowing on your head and neck, then it can cause this condition. you can also get it as a result of an accident, such as slipping and falling, or a car accident., your body may reflexively kind of tuck your head into your shoulders, like a turtle, and simultaneously shrug your shoulders up, in an attempt to shelter your ears, head, and neck from the cold. it could be doing this while on the verge of shiveri....

Diagnosis. your doctor will take a medical history and do an exam. he or she will check for tenderness, numbness and muscle weakness, as well as see how far you can move your head forward, backward and side to side., upper back & neck pain due to ac? i just put in my air conditioner but every time i turn it on and the room gets cool, my neck will hurt. i mean the muscles in my neck and upper back will contract and get knotted and it is very painful. why would the cool air cause this, it didn't happen in the winter? it stinks because my room is a sweat box ....

Often, people will complain of pain in the neck upon waking. the culprit is often the levator scapula muscle. as you can see from the picture, this muscle runs from the neck to the top of the shoulder, and can effect both areas. therefore, the stiffness is not only when moving the neck, it can be caused by moving the arm as well., when you get a stiff neck or shoulder, it is unlike most types of pain; it is a very sharp, piercing pain. just about everyone finds themselves battling a stiff neck or achy shoulder from time to time..

Waking up with a stiff neck can be unexpected and inconvenient. despite a stiff neck’s potential for severe, sharp pain and reduced range of motion, some people might feel pressure to maintain the day’s planned activities, such as going to work or class.